Ward 3 election candidate info

Ian McAnerin​​Website: ianmcanerin.ca

Has lived in ward 3 for 23 years

Background: Has a BASc in cultures and religion, a law degree, has experience working with an Olympic Committee (Chinese 2008 bid, 2010 Vancouver Olympics))and has worked with all levels of government.

Fundraising is all grass roots and has stated he has acceptedno donations from home builders or developers.

Opposed the Harvest Hills Golf Course redevelopment

On his website he has clearly stated his platform and stance on local and city-wide issues.

Has worked with multiple levels of government and understands how they work.

Editors Comments: Ian is a down to earth grass roots candidate. He has the skills to do the job and supported the hard work we did in the community re the golf course. Webelieve and trust what he has said he will do for our community. His Olympic and multi-level Government experience are a real bonus as we look at doing an Olympic bid. We feel he is the best choice to be our Councilor.

Jun Lin​​​Website: junlinward3.ca

Has lived in Northern Hills for 7 years.

Background: Works with the Petroleum Marketing Commission, has a BSc and MBA.

Fundraising is all grass roots and has stated he has accepted no donations from home builders or developers. However, when asked about development at the community forum he stated he was pro development.

Primary concerns: Transparency of city council, protecting Tax Payers, Trend to removing green spaces in favour of development and wants the Green Line extended to north point.

Opposed the Harvest Hills Golf Course redevelopment

Editors Comments: Jun is an intelligent and capable person who would likely work hard for the community. He lacks government experience and this might make him less effective as our representative. We have some concern about his pro development stance at the Communitiesforum.

Jyoti Gondek​​Website: jyotigondek.ca

Has lived in Northern Hills for 20 years.

Background: Was Jim Stevenson’s campaign manager, was appointed to the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) by City Council. She worked at the Haskayne School of Business as an adjunct professor.

While a member of the Calgary Planning Commission she voted in favour of sending the plan to develop the Harvest Hills Golf to City Council for approval. She did add a couple of caveats to the proposal but these were not accepted by council.

Campaign contributions contain maximum donations from some sources. When asked at the community forum she declined to say who her donations have come from. Since the Forum she has released a list of her contributors. The list shows contributions from many home builders and Developers.

Primary Concerns: Better Money Management, foster safe and caring communities.

Editors Comments: Jyoti has experience with local government, has an academic background. However, as a member of CPC she did not stand up for Northern Hills communities. Also, with a significant portion of her donations coming from companies that are engaged in the development industry it makes us wonder where her loyalties will lie when there is a conflict between the needs of the community or the developer.

Connie Hamilton​Website: connielioness@yahoo.ca

Fundraising is all grass roots and has stated she has accepted no donations from home builders or developers.

Connie does not have a website but information on her platform is available on facebook.

Background: Connie was a committed supporter of the Harvest Hills Golf course fight and ran an active Facebook page, tracking activities relating to the golf course redevelopment project and providing a forum for people to exchange their views on the project. Her passion for the community has led to her decision to run for council.

Editors Comments: Connie has the passion to do the job. In the candidates’ forum she came across as genuine and handled herself quite well. However, we are concerned that her focus might be two narrow.

We encourage you to do your own research and hopefully this letter can help you in that process. We also encourage you to exercise your right to vote on October 16. There are many countries on our planet that wish they had the same opportunity.



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