Response to Calgary’s legal department washing their hands of the snow removal problem

My response to City of Calgary’s legal department.

To: “James, Betty”

You are mistaken. The snow fall I’m referring to was from January and was never removed from the pathway.

This photo was taken on January 13 at 11:32pm. Notice the waist high pile of snow left on the left half of the pathway.


This photo was taken on January 19th at 5pm showing the same pile of snow was partly melted.


Snow had still not been removed and now it turns to ice.

This photo was taken on January 21at 10:22 am showing the snow which had melted and flooded the pathway and ice up. The ice had still not been removed.

Notice the ice that is forming all across the pathway? This is 8 days after I complained about the snow left on the pathway. Why was it not removed? There was so much ice and snow left on the pathway that it took months to melt.


Then it snowed March 6 and covered the ice resulting in the accident which I reported.

The contractor was negligent for not removing snow from the pathway back in January. I reported a slip on the pathway due to ice and still nothing was done to remove the ice. Then subsequently I fell on the pathway because the City of Calgary continued to be negligent and did not remove the ice.

Over 200 reports of people slipping and falling on pathways in the news this year was due to gross negligence of the city. I have plenty of photos to prove that plus many many #311 calls to have the pathway salted and ice removed. Nothing was done 2 months later.

Ignorance is not an excuse. Fire the contractor who created the problem in the first place. If Parks can plow the other half of the entire pathway within 7 days, what the hell is wrong with the roads department that they can’t do the same?

Don’t try to bullshit me. I have facts, not ignorant conjecture that the city depends on to fabricate excuses.