A Space Age Fable

The old Star Trek series is like a modern day space age Aesop’s Fable. In one show, the Enterprise visited a peaceful planet to prevent the violent Klingons from using the planet as a strategic launching point for attacks.

The two opposing forces, Klingons and the Federation, could not understand why the people of the planet did not react either to death at the hands of the Klingons nor the promise of protection from the Federation. The Klingons were portrayed as a negative force. The Federation as the positive force.

As the Klingon and Federation captains began their battle of will with each other, they both began to realize the one thing they had in common was the way neither could tolerate the peaceful planet inhabitants who’s behaviour was most puzzling. Both sides were engaged in their own destruction. The inhabitants did not seem concerned about the actions of either side.

Both the positive and negative forces realized they had more in common with their opposing views than they did with the inhabitants. They both preferred to use force than to sit idly by as the inhabitants remained non-reactive. They both preferred displays of courage and conviction than peace.

The inhabitants were not physical beings so they had no concern for their survival.

This is an important fable because it shows that we can either exist in a negative or positive state. Or we can choose to exist in a spiritual state and be non-reactive to displays of force. We think of ourselves as powerful beings because of our displays of using force. As Captain Kirk said, “It is unsettling to discover we are wrong.”


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