Benefits of Bicycle Snowplows:

Bicycle Snowplows can:

…respond faster to local community needs.

…plow more frequently and this is to our advantage in maintaining a superior quality of snow removal. The higher the frequency of plowing, the lower the risk of pathways icing up and creating liability issues.

…be an immediate solution for new pathways, for which no plowing schedule has been determined or is likely to be determined for many decades.

…are well suited for low traffic pathways. They are currently the only workable solution to unplowed pathways in Calgary.

Since 2014, only 50 more kms of pathways were plowed. At that rate, the 400 kms of unplowed pathways will not be plowed in my lifetime.

1 person with a bicycle snowplow can plow 1% of the unplowed pathways part time in a year with higher than average snowfall.

Bicycle Snowplows promote an active lifestyle and create a higher standard of living which is especially important in cities with high real estate and parking costs like Calgary. With retirement incomes dropping, many of us will not be able to afford the car centric lifestyle in retirement years.

Bicycle snowplowing is a way to increase the number of people using pathways all winter.

Ebike motors extend the capabilities of bicycle snowplows in difficult snow conditions. The motors allow balancing the power between the front and rear wheels to maximize traction.

A 3 foot wide plow pulled by an ebike could easily plow 50kms of sidewalks in several inches of snow.

A 5 foot bicycle snowplow or larger plow on an e-bike could handle typical Calgary snowfalls on pathways.


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