Introduction to Bicycle Snow Plowing

Time and again, I keep coming back to bicycle snowplowing as a mode of transportation that produces the most good for the least investment. So, I wrote a book about it which is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and about 35,000 other book outlets as well as an earlier ebook version at

Writing the new book version was an immense task that occupied years of my life. Summer days were spent all day writing when I’d rather have been out bicycle touring or camping.

When winter came, there was the blogging and recording plowing sessions, sharing my discoveries and overcoming personal challenges. There was also the commitment and perseverance to join a growing number of bicycle plowers who changed Calgary for the better.

We don’t often consider cycling and winter to be mutually compatible ideas, let alone plowing snow with bicycles. It was quite the revelation to realize how well bicycle plows worked. My concerns had more to do with figuring out how to do it than whether it was feasible.

The experiences continue to improve since plowing in 2014. We had quite a bit of snow that year! You could say that plowing altered a lot of my perceptions about what is possible from that moment on.

Plowing wasn’t just about cycling advocacy, it was about breaking down outmoded ideas about that cycling advocacy can’t include people who don’t cycle.

We often think that cycling advocacy is all about what cyclists want. It turned out that cycling advocacy is more about what cyclists can give back to their communities, thereby breaking down opposition to cycling as year round transportation.

On December 15th at the Country Hills Library in Calgary from 7-830pm I will be presenting information and doing questions and answers.

I strongly believe that the way to better cycling infrastructure in cities is through supporting cycling all winter long and showing that bicycle plows can do as good as city snowplows.



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