Bait and switch corruption



NHCA & C4RD Express Extreme Disappointment with CPC Admin. Bait-and Switch Tactic…See Their Response Below:

“The NHCA would like to officially express our disappointment and concerns regarding the Administration report for CPC regarding the application for rezoning and redeveloping of the Harvest Hills Golf Course.

The original report by Administration for CPC that was sent on August 11th has been completely changed and modified to support the application by the developer. If you compare the new August 25th version of the report, it isn’t a few words or some grammar that have been cleaned up, but content of this report has been completely changed or omitted making the integrity of this report questionable.

This is not how we expect the City of Calgary to operate as it violates the ethics of this whole process. This raises many questions regarding the City’s decision making abilities and leaves us extremely frustrated.”

Rick Lundy

NHCA President


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