Harvest Hills Golf Course meeting

A Big Thank you to Those Who Attended the Harvest Hills Golf Course Information Session Last Night!

If you were unable to attend, here is what we learned from the people who stopped by the NHCA table for C4RD:

  • Our survey of almost 100 people showed that EVERYONE said NO to this development.
  • Nobody in our community likes how the city is handling this application.
  • It appeared that the City was promoting the Developer’s plans and not portraying the true picture.
  • Our community is impassioned to talk about the community aspect. How the golf leagues enriched the spirit of the community. How hockey, softball and soccer in Harvest Hills is not accessed through Vivo but through Huntington or Beddington.
  • How the clubhouse was our NAC (neighbourhood activity centre) and now we have nothing.
  • How the wildlife enhances their quality of living, especially for the senior population.
  • How it matters to every human being we talked to about the preservation of the trees and the urban canopy, which conceivably will be destroyed by this development.
  • How this development will ruin quality of life.
  • How it reinforces decisions to leave Harvest Hills rather than see the total destruction of a community.
  • How there are NO amenities in this development…just many houses, people and more traffic.
  • We estimate that the proposed zoning will see 2,600 more people in this small subdivision.
  • Our Councilor made it clear that it is up to the residents of our community to come prepared to fight this battle at city hall on Monday, October 3, 2016.
  • Residents are absolutely livid that nothing seems to be like-on-like. The R-2 condo complex – these are 2 storey units, with two bungalow villa complexes on either side of it. There is nothing like-on-like about it. The single family homes are not at all the same as what currently exists.
  • Residents are extremely upset with the city planning department in how an application is processed.
  • Our community is still very passionate and angry about this re-development, just as much as they as they were on October 2014.
  • Feelings of shock and fear putting high density condos/housing next to the railway tracks. Many commented that it is an accident waiting to happen, another Lac Megantic.
  • Residents were energized and raring to fight this to the bitter end. Our community has not lost their enthusiasm.

Again, thank you for attending and get involved. Stay tuned for further updates.


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