YYC Bike Award Nominees

Bicycle Snow Plowing is a new winter sport!


Snowplow modification

I prefer to do some of the plow modifications and maintenance in the off season so everything is ready to roll in the fall.

The hooks are for hanging the plow on the rear bike rack when transporting it.

One of the modifications was to increase the size of the deflectors (white triangles) so that deep snow falls outwards instead of riding up the plow blades and falling in behind. The white part is corrugated plastic which is very slippery. Snow doesn’t stick to it.

In packed snow this could make the plow more difficult to pull but I needed some way to push snow over top of the plowed trench and this seems as good a way as any to accomplish that task. Will have to see how well it works come winter. I have lower gearing on the tow bike so it might not be a problem.

Trying to get a book on bicycle snowplowing out before winter. Almost 3 years into the book project! It has been a lot of work. Will be glad when I’m finally done. At this point I am adding the photos back into the document and waiting to hear if the format will print OK.

In the news… I’ve been nominated for the Calgary Commuter of the Year Award a second year in a row! The awards event is on July 5th.

Bicycle Snow Plowing is a new winter sport!