Changing crank gears

In the last post I changed the fatbike crank gear to a triple chainset. I use the middle chainring most of the time and occasionally the small ring for dirt riding. The disadvantage is that there is a large gap between the frame and chainrings, meaning a front derailleur would be difficult to fit. Its not an issue as the chain seldom needs to be on a different chainring. The center chainring is slightly smaller than the original fatbike gear and also sits further out so there’s less chain rubbing on tire. In fact, with the home made lower chain guide there is no chain rubbing in the tire. I can use home made tire chains for the winter now. So what happened to the fatbike crank?
Well, the fatbike crank was swapped to my 3 speed which had a 44 tooth gear. It now has a 40 tooth gear. For some reason, 3 speeds always seem to have too high a top gear (especially when bicyclesnowplowing).
The 3 speed a.k.a. bicyclesnowplow actually rides faster now and for pavement cycling and is much easier to maintain a higher speed. The pedalling speed at 32kph now happens around 27kph. Close to 30kph wind resistance goes way up. I find gearing the bike for around 27kph works better for me and I can still hit higher speeds pedalling faster with less fatigue.

Bicycle Snow Plowing is a new winter sport!