David Johnston McNish Coldwell Sep 25,1929-Jan 2, 2016 Eulogy

The riddle we solve in life, is called death. Death seems so final, so real, but is it?

My parents let me stay with Mrs Budd the summer before schooling started. Each morning while Mrs Budd made breakfast, I’d sit on her front steps and immerse myself in life.

Birds were chirping happily, jumping and flitting about in the sunlit trees. Squirrels randomly shot about, alternating between a caffeine overdose and a strong sleeping potion that froze them in mid stride.

Can life be more than any of us know in this moment? Can we know more than a bird or a squirrel?

Dad had his struggles raising 6 kids. We sometimes struggled to realize that we needed discipline to be successful in life. It is the people we want to understand that are the ones who are the most difficult to say good-bye to.

When the heart is broken and we think that we cannot endure another moment, let us remember that tears are also tears of love. I believe that God does not abandon us even in death because our understanding fails to grasp the immensity of what we call life.

Some say death is the end of our lives here. I argue that what the heart loves, the mind takes a lifetime to understand. We know only a fraction of all that is possible for the heart to feel in heaven. When our hearts are empty, there is nothing to keep God’s love from rushing in.

Heaven is the moment we go to sleep and awaken to find the dream more real. When the heart awakens, there is no distance between us. Life is limited only by our capacity for love.

We learn to see past the illusion of death by learning to see with the heart. The eyes can trick us and the mind can deceive us.

Instead, let us look at what is looking through our eyes and listening through our ears. Let us lay aside doubt and just experience life all around us.

Whenever I cannot see past this painful illusion of death, I return to that morning as a child when the birds and squirrels were so alive. I was a part of their cheerful proclamation, I am alive and I am happy.

God does not speak as people speak but rather, God speaks to the heart through life around us.

Some day we will return to the ocean of love and mercy where God dwells. Let us not be sad about Dad’s passing, but let us celebrate his love for life.

Can life be more than any of us know in this moment?

Yes it can. How we perceive life is far more real than how we perceive death.


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