Christmas Story

My grandfather lived through 2 world wars and he had emotional scars. It was difficult to deal with because the only emotion he could express was anger, quite understandably so. I learned to never talk about anything that involved emotions with him. We got along well after that. I would go to his room and sit bored to death watching football with him but it was the only thing he could share. So even countries that win wars lose so much by what it does to their soldiers.

Oprah said it best when she said that power makes people more of what they are. It can make one great or destroy one’s self.

I’ve seen people attracted to power so they could abuse everyone else. They often don’t make the connection between abusing power in the past and being abused by it in the future. 20/20 hindsight.

My experience has been that power respects no one and will just as easily turn on those who wield it as it does to those who are victims of it. Therefore it is important to first control one’s own passions. It takes a lot of personal strength to handle power and not be ruined by it so it is best to develop good character and discipline first which is why power should not be something one desires, but a thing that one has respect of and uses the least. A book called Milarepa is a long read but it shows what power does to people.

A tibetan by the name of Mila dabbled in psychic powers back in the 15th century and he became very well known for his evil magic. His parents died so him and his sister were raised by an an abusive uncle who starved and beat them while putting on great feasts for friends.

Mila took up the black arts under various teachers and plotted to kill his uncle. He succeeded in knocking the stone house down on his uncle by mocking up a giant spider. The cost of wielding such power meant he was hunted by everyone his uncle knew.

His sister brought him food in the mountains when she could. He almost froze to death year after year but became trained in how to stay warm. He lived on boiled thistle so his skin turned blue. Hunters who came along thought he was a devil and abused him. With nothing to wear but cotton, he became known as Milarepa which means cotton robed.

His life was one of great hardship. Eventually he came under the tutelage of a master who asked him to build house after house with stones until Mila had such huge sores that the master had to let him stop. Then the master continued making him build geometric shaped houses, tearing them down and cursing Mila. Geometric shapes were used as a mean of psychic power so the master wanted to make sure Mila had a strong aversion to them. Mila could have quit at any time but he stayed with the Master and paid his dues.

After many heart breaking years the master had him perform white magic to undo the years of his black magic. Eventually, after paying the price of his abuse of power, Milarepa eventually became a very wise man sought by kings for his wisdom.

Power is like a boomerang in that it always returns to the sender. This is the reason why military develop discipline foremost, before giving out power through rank and status.

The wisdom to wield power without causing injury to one’s self and others takes longer to develop than the ability to wield power. Strangely enough, when one has no desire to use power it finds him able to use it wisely.

Peace on Earth.
Good will to every one. ❄🌲⛄🎅🚴


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