Calgary Bylaw for snow on sidewalk

Under the Street Bylaw, Property owners are given 24 hours to remove the snow from public sidewalks.
Excerpt from the Street Bylaw 20M88, section 67 (1):The owner or occupant of a private parcel of land adjacent to a Sidewalk or Pathway that runs in front of the property or along the side of the property shall remove ice and snow from that portion of the Sidewalk or Pathway adjacent to the parcel so that the Sidewalk or Pathway is cleared to the bare surface, within 24 hours after the ice and snow has been deposited.”

– A Bylaw officer will attend the location and if the location is found to be in violation of the bylaw a notice will be left advising what action is needed to be taken. The officer will re-attend after 24 hours. If the snow and ice has not been cleared, City work crews will be sent to the location to do the required work. The property owner will be responsible for the fees to remove the snow and ice.

Bicycle Snow Plowing is a new winter sport!


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