Bicycle snow plow rides again

This year I have several bicycle snow plows and a push plow to use. This should make the first several months of plowing much easier than last year when I was building them and trying to develop a useable plow. That made it difficult to keep up with plowing as the early plow did not work that well.

Since then I’ve written a book about last winter’s plowing and am working to get it published. Ran into problems with websites that use conversion programs that decapitate the original content.

Last month I painted and prepped the plows for a new season. The snowblower is being readied just in case. I don’t always have time to plow when needed. The bike plows are so much faster I use them first before the snowblower.

You can keep up with my progress on twitter @yycfoldingcycle Twitter handle is BicycleSnowPlow
Or you can search for #bicyclesnowplow tweets.

Last year we had slightly more snow than average and by this time last year we had snow. Nothing so far this year.


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