10,006 Kilometres and some tips

Went out for a night ride to rack up a few miles and celebrate 10,000 kms on the Trek Navigator. Its been a great bike that served triple duty as an all season commuter, light mountain bike and touring bike and its still going strong!

Along the ride I picked up a piece of wire that caused a slow leak. Rather than replace the tube I turned back and pumped it up a few times. The tires hold a lot of air. Slow leaks aren’t a big problem on short rides.

The ride gave me a chance to test out the Torch helmet lights. They provide enough light to see at speeds of 20kph or less and provide a wide illumination which is perfect for avoiding skunks. I also use a 350 watt headlight for seeing up ahead at faster speeds and low setting is enough to see quite well. Plus I was testing out a strobe rear light. Definitely not short on lights!

After discovering the low tire, I turned back and spotted a skunk scurrying up a bank. Apparently if you shine bright lights on them they will run away. Turned the headlight up full bright and the skunk ran away.

Haven’t done many night rides because it seems like I’ve been plagued with flats the last 2 rides.

Back home I pulled a piece of wire out of the tire and put a patched up tube in. All good. The flat tube is marked for patching later when there’s time.

One tip most people don’t know about is how to adjust rim brakes quickly. Undo the cable locking screw to release the brake cable. Tighten the handlebar cable adjusters out about 7 turns. Hold the brake pads against the rim and pull the brake cable tight. Then tighten down the brake cable screw to lock the adjustment in.

Loosen the handlebar brake cable adjusters all the way back in. The brakes should now be properly adjusted. This really makes brake adjustments fast.