Trying new chain cleaner solvent

Try this new method for cleaning a bike chain every 300K.

Did you know a motorcycle chain could last 100,000 miles if it was constantly running through an oil bath? A dry chain wears out really fast. Bicycle chains would likewise last for thousands of miles if they were constantly cleaned and lubricated in an oil bath.

So buy some Kerosene instead of degreaser (which is not a great idea because it degreaser also removes lube inside chains which leads to wear). Kerosene is more of an oil.

Pour Kerosene into your Chain cleaner tool and run the chain through. Empty chain cleaner tool and repeat until the Kerosene is remains quite clean. Pour the used Kerosene into a container and grab a coffee filter. Put the coffee filter in the mouth of a glass jar. Pour used Kerosene into filter and let it drip through. This will take a long time but you can then reuse the Kerosene which saves money.

The suggested lubricant is not the usual overly expensive bicycle chain lubes but chainsaw oil which is much less expensive.

My new Opus only has 300K on it but the last ride down dirt roads left it black and dirty. I was amazed at how clean the chain was after refilling the chain tool 3X. The Kerosene was still dirty grey and since I was time limited I used up some if that expensive chain lube instead of shopping for chainsaw oil.

Have to say that this was the first time I didn’t have to scrub the gears to get everything clean. The Kerosene removed the dirt without effort.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this chain cleaning method.

By the way, that black stuff on a chain is metal worn off the rollers of the chain. It is very abrasive, like cigarette ash and needs to be removed to avoid premature wear.

For $25 bucks at Home Depot I bought a large jug of Kerosene which will last many years. There are 6 bikes in the house so the less time it takes to clean a chain and keep it clean, the happier I’ll be. I also want to see if I can get more than 3600 kms on a chain which is my current chain maximum life.

More trouble free cycling by cleaning it yourself.


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