Corona Virus Survival Tips from Aesop’s Fables

Paraphrased Aesop’s Fables for the Corona Virus age…

A cowboy saw a groundhog run past.
Quick! The coyotes are going to eat me said the groundhog.
Go hide under my porch. You will be safe there, said the cowboy.
A while later some coyotes came past and asked the cowboy if he had seen the groundhog.
No I haven’t the cowboy said, all the while pointing at the porch where the groundhog was hiding.
The coyotes didn’t know what the cowboy was pointing at and so they left to go find the groundhog.
The groundhog, having seen the coyotes leave, sneaked out of the hut and was about to run off.
Is that how you repay my kindness for saving your life? the cowboy asked.
The groundhog replied, if your actions had been as honest as your tongue I would have thanked you.

(People who have no intent of stopping the pandemic may stand to profit from the fatalities.)

A virus living in a corn field was worried it might be killed off if the farmer came out to cut down and harvest the corn, for it would have nothing left to feed on.
The virus heard that the farmer was asking friends and neighbours to harvest the corn.
There is no danger yet, it said.
A week later the farmer was heard asking his family to help him cut down and harvest the corn.
There is still no danger, it said.
Then one day the virus heard the farmer complaining that he would have to harvest the corn by himself because no one else was going to help him.
Now there is danger! I must leave at once, the virus said and was promptly carried away by a bird to another field where it could continue to eat the corn.

(People who accept no responsibility for preventing the Corona Virus from spreading to themselves and others are like the farmer who blames everyone else for spreading the virus. Only when the farmer eliminates the environment that the virus feeds on, is the virus ever in jeopardy of vanishing from the face of the Earth.)

Today’s ride to Balzac

One block South of Costco then east past the new hotel to the end, then cut through the field.
Found this really cool looking church beside the pathway
Front entrance
My ride.
Cool looking domes
Back to Deerfoot tunnel. At this point I hit the power walk button and let the bike pull itself up the bank onto the ramp. Didn’t drop below 30 kph using the motor with a slight tailwind from Balzac to Calgary on Hwy 2. Was pedalling faster than the motor could go. Not bad for a fatbike. P.S. Found a yellow wheel chock. Hit almost 45 kph. Whee!šŸ˜

City of Calgary Failed to Remove Snow on Pathway

Snow between March 1-4 was not cleared from the Airport Trail pathway. The requirement for the city to clear snow from pathway is to clear snow that falls onto the pathway. Just because there is no report of a snow falling doesn’t mean that wind doesn’t blow snow and cause a snowfall on the pathway. This is typical between snow events, especially the pedestrian overpass on 96 ave ne when deep drifts can form if it gets windy and also near the hotels at 15 st ne. (Road crews also regularly bury the 96 ave pathway near Deerfoot after pathway crews have just finished plowing snow off it.) Some sections of Airport Trail pathway were still bare and clear right next to snowy sections. Other sections still had snow on them prior to March 4th, which at the time, was still light enough that I didn’t need to make a complaint. Then it warmed up and those light drifts turned to ice before the snow from March 4th snow event.

When ice is left on a pathway it becomes much more dangerous when later on more snow falls on it. It is obvious that a significant amount of ice was on the pathway and it couldn’t have come from the snow event on March 4th because there wasn’t enough precipitation to cause that much ice. It certainly wasn’t warm enough to melt the snow at night and then cause ice to form before morning. That was the night when it was very gusty, a 40-65kph tailwind from the west on March 3rd as I remember.

There were also many 311 requests to have these pathways and access to these pathways cleared in February.

Incorrect reporting cited as in these examples. I was told by 311 that closing a request doesn’t necessarily mean any snow removal was done.
Feb 3rd, reported access to pathways blocked by 9 mounds of ice ridges from 19 st ne to 96 ave (35 days ago).
Then 33 days ago the request was closed without any action. 
Then 29 days ago only 7 of 9 crossings were cleared after another complaint although crews could see there was a high ice ridge blocking access at 19st ne and airport trail within eye sight of the two crossings that were cleared at the same intersection. So why were two sections cleared and not the 3rd?

Then 28 days ago, the same crossing (which was too high to cycle over) was still blocked by the ice mound so I HAD TO SHOVEL IT because drivers were getting impatient that I had to stop in the intersection in front of them and hoist the bike over the ice ridge! The lights at 19st ne and airport trail change too quickly for bicycles to clear the intersection while the light is still green if there is any delay crossing it. I made this complaint about the lights about a year or two ago.

Then 27 days ago, road crews buried the sidewalk in more snow plowed from 19 st ne. So in this example a snow removal problem existed for more than 8 days.

So you will excuse me if I have doubts about the validity of what was reported and done by Calgary Parks when on one day a pathway crew might clear the snow after several days and the road crews immediately, the next day, plow snow right back where the pathway crews just removed it a day earlier. Oh, and the snow which was plowed onto the sidewalk at 19st ne on the north side of Airport Trail never was removed. It took a while to melt away.

Badly Maintained Calgary Pathway causes bicycle injury crash.

Pathway is supposed to be plowed within 24 hours after a snowfall but after the previous snowfall it took over 2 days before pathway was cleared which allowed time for snow to melt and form ice. Then another winter storm last night covered the ice with more snow. Dillinger 4 studded tires failed to maintain traction.

Had this pathway been plowed with a bicyclesnowplow, this dangerous situation would not have been allowed to develop since snow would have been removed much sooner before it had a chance to form ice. In addition, many Calgary pathways are badly designed like this location and permit snow to melt on banks and flow across pathways like streams.

Calgary City Hall had been informed several years ago about low cost and more efficient technology using bicycles to plow pathways but has done nothing to implement the technology because it doesn’t cost tax payers enough money to bury the city far enough into a recession or buy more votes with taxpayer money. City Hall has been throwing away millions of dollars on expensive and ugly artworks projects rather than being frugal and practical maintaining essential services. Calgary also has a bad habit of depending far too heavily on Chinooks to clear pathways.

Property owners who complained about snow angels removing snow from pathways are paying heavily for overpriced snow removal fees and fines for not clearing pathways soon enough. You can’t teach fools with cash to waste how to use common sense.


Dear Friends,
There aren’t many scientific papers on COVID-19 as it’s emerging, and the most accurate we can be is to provide an informed clinical impression. Forty years ago, I made the decision to tell people not to smoke because it could cause lung cancer; however, it took 30 more years for the scientific community to prove this fact. The message should be obvious – Asking for complete scientific proof in this situation won’t provide an accurate understanding of the situation. 
In my background as a former lieutenant commander in the Public Health Service, in this situation, I have the option to wait until all necessary proof is in before making a statement, or I can give my informed medical public health opinion based on 47 years of experience. I’ve made the choice that if I’m wrong, the worst that happens is people get healthier. If I’m right, this protocol can save many lives. There are other agencies, including government agencies, and people who I believe are taking similar positions. 
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the National Institute of Health, says, “We are on the verge of a global pandemic reasonably soon.” The coronavirus infections at this point are showing up in between 25-27 countries. Director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, has said, “This will be a major pandemic with repeated infections.” AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) has issued a statement, “The coronavirus is worse than the international media claims.”
One of the top world experts on biological weaponry, as well as a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, is Dr. Francis Boyle. He also had a law passed in the US in 1989 against the use of bio-weapons, which was adopted into world law in 1989 (the Biological Weapon Anti-Terrorist Act of 1989). I’m getting much of my overall information from him in trying to understand this COVID-19 virus. Dr. Boyle has stated that this is a very serious situation and feels that this COVID-19 weaponized virus was the result of bio-weapon technology that escaped from the DSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan, China. He also points out that there are scientist around the world confirming that this is a weaponized virus. 
Dr. Francis Boyle also points out that there are 4 French scientists who recently published an article in the journal, Science Direct, on antiviral research on February 10, 2020. These scientists did a genetic analysis of the COVID-19, and their analysis showed a form of bio-weaponization that “may provide a gain of function to the COVID-19 for efficient spreading in human population as compared to other coronavirusesā€. The phrase “gain of function” means “manmade and weaponized”. This analysis included the observation of a spiked protein shell on the virus for better penetration into human cells. He explains that the phrase, “gain of function”, directly implies that DNA genetic engineering was done. In other words, their research showed the COVID-19 virus was clearly weaponized. This conclusion is also in alignment with the findings in India at Kusuma School of Biological Sciences showing that there was a genetic sequence taken from the HIV virus to and implanted into the COVID-19 to improve infectivity. Their research was published in the Lancet, but, later, it was “pulled out” of the publication. Dr. Boyle also points out in a 2010 journal, Archive of Virology, from Australia that there has been active work in the use of SARS and HIV to create weaponized chimeric viruses. 
The most serious research that he communicates is a study reported at the DSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina in 2015 that shows that MERS (another weaponized coronavirus) was developed with the technology that makes “gain of function”. The article states, “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus has potential for human emergenceā€ (Nat Med 6/21/15). He also documents that a leading bio-warfare scientist from Wuhan was trained in “gain of function” technology from the DSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina. In this paper they admit being paid by China to train the Chinese scientist from the Wuhan DSL-4 laboratory. It’s specifically designed to infect human respiratory airways. It is thought provoking to realize that the National Institute of Health, according to this 2015 North Carolina paper, okayed this training of the Chinese scientist. In other words, this technology was not stolen by the Chinese, but, rather, sold to them. Apparently, they also used an HIV cell wall attack virus DNA section that helps it penetrate cells. This 2015 training done by the North Carolina DSL-3 laboratory was also approved by the National Institute of Health, as cited in their 2015 paper. (Phonetically pronounced, the top Chinese researcher was Genlee Hi Shi.) The MERS research showed a 36% fatality. Generally, at this point, with the current virus, we have a gain in what they call ā€œpathogenesisā€ from 2% to 15-18%. The point is, this top Chinese researcher was trained at the North Carolina DSL-3 laboratory to develop “gain of function” bio-weapon technology. In another very recently released paper, 2 Chinese professors at the South China University of Technology also concluded that the virus leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory. 
A few months ago, there was a paper, published in the Lancet, that stated the incubation period for the COVID-19 was 24 days rather than 14. This means holding someone in quarantine for 14 days is insufficient prevention. The problem, as mentioned earlier, is that it takes a long time to document all that’s happened. In summary, we can surmise that the bio-weapon technology that is the basis of COVID-19 was developed in the US and sold to the Chinese before it’s accidental release from the Wuhan DSL-4 laboratory. 
Why are humans choosing to act criminally by making offensive bioweapons against humanity and against the Biological Weapon Anti-Terrorist Act of 1989? It may actually be a reasonable idea that all these DSL labs around the world (including the 12 in the US) be shut down for the protection of humanity. From a biblical point of view, the fourth of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is the rider on the pale (slightly green) horse, who brings plague and pestilence. 
Our best defense against this is to care for ourselves preventably the best we can. This is why I’ve created this prevention and treatment protocol for optimal protection and treatment. Since it is highly likely we will all be exposed, this protocol is the key to dealing with this.

When flying or traveling I recommend 2 essential oil blends:
Immortal Immune ā€“ to put on the tops of your feet before bed and upon waking.Germs-Be-Gone ā€“ to spray on surfaces (such as airplane seats and tables)

Recommended Homeopathics:
BryoniaGelsemiumEupatoriumInfluenzinum 200c to 1m

Include the following herbs and foods in your diet to protect you from COVID-19:
The basic mechanism of infection is that the virus latches onto the cellā€™s surface. As many laboratories around the world have noted, COVID-19 is weaponized with an HIV delivery system. First noted in India, it is highly likely this is a human virus weaponized with an HIV delivery system and also a SARS-like upper respiratory component. At this point, even some officials from communist China are saying it was accidentally leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan. Some have said that the virus enters through an ACE2 receptors on the cell wall membrane, and, supposedly, Asian people have 5 times more ACE2 receptors than other populations. Others are saying it may be more race-specific with the Japanese and Chinese people being the most susceptible. Older people are statistically dying the most, and no fatalities have been reported for children under 10 years old.
The virus enters the cell via a vesicle called an endosome. Once inside, it releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm and hijacks the cell machinery to produce more viral proteins and thus virus. It also releases an enzyme called 3CL (3-chymotripsin-like protease). This enzyme attacks the cells defense mechanism against the coronavirus inhibitors.
The following herbal remedies that are suggested destroy the 3CL enzyme and thus protect the cellā€™s ability to protect itself against the coronavirus. The best for destroying the 3CL enzyme is quercetinand epigallocatechin gallate, which is found in green tea and green tea extract we carry (to add to other beverages). These anti-3CL substances are also found in: Ā·      flax seed Ā·      citrus peelĀ·      tickberry leavesĀ·      orange peelĀ·      oreganoĀ·      garlicĀ·      gingerĀ·      elderberryĀ·      turmeric

Essential Oils to protect you from COVID-19:
Shanti and I have decided the most important essential oils, which were key for prevention and healing during the bubonic plague are: Ā·      eucalyptusĀ·      clove Ā·      grapefruitĀ·      cinnamonĀ·      tea treeĀ·      lemon grassĀ·      frankincenseĀ·      Immortal ImmuneĀ·      Germs-Be-Gone
Add these into your overall prevention system. The key concept is prevention. Rub on top of feet, wrists, and chest.  Let’s use this situation to improve our overall health habits and wellbeing by:
1)   Deepening our connection with God.2)   Getting enough sleep.3)   Minimizing stress.4)   Staying hydrated.5)   Associating with loving people.6)   Exercising moderately.7)   Doing breathing exercises everyday (pranayama).8)   Eating high raw and eating 100% vegan.9) Utilizing my Wuhan Coronavirus Protection Protocol.
The healthier you are and the more proactive steps you take, you minimize your chances of catching and/or dying from the coronavirus. 
To protect and enhance our natural immunity, here is my current Wuhan COVID-19 Protection Supplement Protocol:
Illumodine – 20 drops in a glass of water 3 times daily (15 minutes or more away from food) (Iodine has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses and, in its atomic form [Illumodine] is probably the most powerful antiviral on the planet.)Nano Silver – 1 teaspoon twice daily (Nano Silver has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses.)Red Algae – 2 capsules twice daily such as on waking and bedtime (away from food). Red algae is extremely anti-viral.
*Illumodine, Nano Silver, and Red Algae are the top 3 antivirals.*
Mega Defense – 4 capsules twice daily (for building and protecting the immune system)Antioxidant Extreme – 2 capsules twice dailyLicorice Root – take as tea or tincture once daily (for lung protection)Vitamin D – 2,000 IU daily (for building the immune system)Vitamin A – 25,000 IU daily (for protecting our upper respiratory mucus membranes and lining)Vitamin C – as much as you can take before diarrhea
The good news is that this plague could be a sign of a great awakening and a huge spiritual shift on the planet. Our task is to survive this plague to participant in the cosmic messianic shift in consciousness. 
May we all be blessed to take appropriate prevention and to stay strong in uplifting the health and spiritual energy of the world.

Blessings to your health and wellbeing, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD

The Double Edged Blade of Life Review

Received a really good review on my second book which was published last year. The book began back in the 1990s as past life memories that slowly emerged through dreams, waking dreams, and meeting an old allie here on Earth.

In the 1980s while on a motorcycle trip to revisit my old stomping grounds I became instant friends with another motorcyclist. It turned out that I had a past life in common with Kelar Zelon as Yahdz back in the days of Atlantis. The enemy was trying to use the Earth as a strategic base from which to launch strikes. The enemy did launch an effective attack against Kelar’s two inhabited worlds around the star Vega. They survived only because of an effective electromagnetic force field around each of the two planets. 16 of the 18 planets were destroyed and today astronomers cannot explain the large amount of gas around the star which was due to a weapon which missed the planets and hit the star, causing it to momentarily become a nova outburst.

It took years to assemble the fragmented memories into some kind of story from the images that came to mind as Kelar spoke of the old stories. He was still an angry warrior but I had moved on to a life as Evene Caterell. There is no greater death than by anger, as I learned in the life as Yahdz. Our paths diverged from that point on. In the new life as Evene, I was learning to risk my life for love instead of hate. To understand why Yahdz experienced such despair, I had to understand the causes of his despair.

The purpose of past life memories is not to dwell on them as if times were better then than now because the reverse is actually true. This lifetime is the greatest opportunity to grow spiritually but we also need to understand how we got to this lifetime and the karmic factors which shaped this lifetime into what it is today. Then we can escape our own self made prisons or hells, and live life to the fullest once more.

Generally, we don’t remember past lives unless they have a strong impact on our lives today because our bodies and minds don’t have memories prior to their creation in each lifetime. To gain those memories, we need to draw on our higher state of consciousness as an eternal spark of God called Soul. Soul is that which has no beginning or ending and which observes life through our eyes and hears through our ears. Unlike our minds, Soul does not think but perceives. Soul is the consciousness. The mind works like a computer and filing cabinet of our experiences. The mind is like a magnifier to examine minute details of our experiences whereas Soul is the over view of life in its entirety.

While we may think that other levels of consciousness are impossible, when we dream, this reality vanishes and the dream reality becomes our reality. When we awaken, the dream reality ceases to be real and this life becomes reality. Yet both are real in the sense that nothing unreal can exist. The mind perceives experiences as illusions (not seeing life for what it is) but Soul perceives reality for what it is.

If you can learn from this story that our highest purpose in life is to love unconditionally, you may be able to avoid the karmic traps that consumed much of my past lifetimes and this one.

Each of us has a purpose. One person’s purpose is not greater than another’s.

Just remember that dreams are real. Our life here is also a dream. When we awaken from all of our dreams, we will know who we are.

For further information about past lives you can check out They do not coerce anyone to follow their religion but perhaps you may find the answers to your questions about life as I have.